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Project Samples by Laura Sirois.

Designer of images, objects and interactions, specializing in visual communications, graphic design, hand-painting and illustration.

Graphic works are produced in variety of media, including:
-   Digital works for online use & print output
-   Screenprinting
-   Hand-painting, drawing & Lettering on a variety of surfaces

-   Adobe creative suites (photoshop, illustrator, indesign)
-   Hand-drawn artwork creation & digital illustration,
-   basic photography
-   Wood-working & sculpture
-   Sewing & shaping of soft surfaces & textiles

-   An eye for detail
-   The facility to listen and distill concepts, desires and potential designed
    outcomes in team work scenarios and autonomous client-designer
-   Efficient project management from project brief & proposal, through to
    stakeholder approval, supplier coordination, buyer approval,
    and final delivery.
-   Dedication & dependability
-   A concern for the creation of original, compelling & relevant concepts
    and their accompanying visual product.